It Is What It Is Productions, Inc.


Many of us can vividly remember the first film that whisked us off to unforgettable and magical places. Those images have left not only footprints, but they have gone on to represent one of the many pieces that define and make up who we are as a culture.

Films have the magical power to make us laugh when we need a pick-me-up, empathize when we’ve become a bit too wrapped up in our own world, and give us a place to escape to when we need to get away from it all.

It Is What It Is Productions looks to continue this magical journey, by not only providing entertaining films, but by also nurturing the talented magicians responsible for the magic.


iiWii Productions

Mission: To create films that not only entertain, but speak to the heart, mind and soul, while showcasing the wonderful diversity the film world has to offer.