It Is What It Is Productions, Inc.




I received my BA in English and an MA in Teaching from Stony Brook University. I went on to teach High School English for eight years, during which time I discovered my passion for movies and screenwriting. Having created the curriculum for a high school film class, I shortly began writing my own screenplays; many of which have placed in a number of contests including, The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. 

Taking an indefinite hiatus from teaching in October 2002, and not wanting to walk away from helping young people, I, along with my husband, founded a nonprofit organization -- aimed at helping at-risk teens -- called Empower Through Knowledge. I hope to someday offer courses in screenwriting and filmmaking to young people struggling to find their niche in society.

Writing for me is like breathing; it’s a necessity in my life. I also write because I feel I have something that needs to be heard. While I love the stories being told on the big screen, I can’t help but feel that there are stories being left out that mirror my life, times, and the people I grew up with; if all the world’s a stage, then theaters are pretty scarce in my neck of the woods.

As I am always eager to improve my craft, while continuing to look for ways that challenge me to grow, I’ve studied at NYU’s Dramatic Writing Program, as well as, Writer’s Boot Camp Think Tank Program.