Production Notes


  1. BulletArtistic Closure tells the story of a young man who has not yet learned how to come to terms with being abandoned. His paintings and drawings are footprints through a pain-stained memory. Because these memories are inextricably linked to his heart, they beg to ask - are things always what we remember?


  1. BulletArtistic Closure originated from an NYU theater class assignment, which called for a one page scene involving two characters - the catch, only one could speak.  Adapting this to a short film was somewhat challenging, but extremely fun.

  1. BulletOnce a script was nailed down, many of the scenes were pre-visualized using FrameForge pre-visualization software. The actual dimensions of the set locations were programmed into the software in order to save valuable time and resources.

  1. BulletThe director’s basement was transformed into three different sets by Production Designer Benedetta Brentan.

  1. BulletWanting to use original artwork for the film meant that an artist would have to be brought on board, and that original pieces would have to be created based on the script. However, this process was more demanding, and complicated, than originally thought. Sabine Buchanan, an artist and screenwriter, agreed to provide the artwork. Although she lived in Kentucky and the production was in New York, there were many, many e-mails between the director and artist. Sabine also mailed some of her own personal artwork to be used in the set decorating.

  1. BulletThanks to Efrain Alicea, the music was selected before the film went into actual production. Having read an early draft of the script, Efrain felt that Solomon Starr’s sound would be a perfect match, and he forwarded a few samples to the director.


  1. BulletArtistic Closure was shot during the Labor Day Weekend of 2007, taking Monday off and wrapping Wednesday at 2:30 AM. It was shot on location in Long Island, New York. One scene, in particular, was added just a few days before production to make use of an amazing location - a house/office designed by a local architect.

  1. BulletThe gallery scenes were shot on location at Gallery 4222 in Port Jefferson, New York. The gallery is located just a stone’s throw from the picturesque Long Island Sound.

  1. BulletBecause we only had five original artworks created for the film, we were extremely lucky and honored to be able to highlight the work of Christian Frederick Nicklaus, a local artist.


  1. BulletThe film was edited using Final Cut Studio 2. The start and end titles were created with Motion 3 and exported into Final Cut Pro.

  1. BulletSolomon Starr, the musician/composer, is an extremely talented Christian Hip-Hop artist. The director felt his music was a perfect fit in expressing the inner pain of the main character.